Indonesia Rights Fair (IRF) is a special event at the Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) for copyrights transactions and co-publishing activities for international rights business. Indonesia Rights Fair (IRF) is the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with publishers, literary agents, and copyright owners can promote copyrights to other publishers.

Facilities for IRF participants:

  1. Free entry at Business Match Making (form participant download here)
  2. Free meeting room for business meeting with client for 90 minutes (by reservation in advance)
  3. Free flow tea and coffee at IRF area


Specification for IRF Booth

  1. IRF Booth Size 2 x 1 mIRF
  2. Bookshelf with special design
  3. Lettering of company name
  4. 1 table and 4 chairs
  5. MCB (2 ampere, 440 watts) with one outlet
  6. One tube lamps (TL) of 40 watts
  7. Carpeted floor
  8. ID Card
  9. Company profile in the IIBF Directory 2017
  10. Price Rp2.500.000 (ONLY FOR LOCAL PUBLISHER)


IRF 2017

IRF at IIBF will be held at 12-16 September 2018


Business Match Making

Publishers from other country are interested in meeting with buyers and seller at IIBF from an international base to look different ways in which to collaborate.

List Participant IRF in 2017 download here.


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